Fresh, Bold Flavors

We are reimagining fresh taste with clean-label, whole flavors.

Explore Whole Flavors

We are pioneering a new category in the food and beverage world, what we like to call Whole Flavors.

Whole flavors are an extension of the definition of a whole food — defined as food that has been processed or refined as little as possible and is free from additives or other artificial substances.

Similarly, a Whole flavor is a minimally processed flavor made from whole food ingredients or botanicals with no additives or artificial substances, and use solvents approved for use in organic foods (such as ethanol and CO2).

As an example, our juicy lemon flavor contains lemon puree, lemon juice, and oil expressed from the peel.

The labels for our flavors are transparent and simple.

What We Do

Whole Flavors

A full range of fruit, vegetable, and botanical flavors for a wide range of applications.

Functional Bioactives

From immunity boosting fruits to anti-inflammatory botanicals and roots, we provide ingredients for functional foods/beverages.

Brand Innovation

We take your idea and create a finished product with a truly unique flavor profile or functional delivery ingredients.


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