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Single Serve Beverages

Creating highly portable, convenient single-serve beverage mixes, mocktails, and infusions is a fast-growing trend.  

The ability to take your formula on-the-go gives your customer the ultimate freedom to consumer when and where they choose.

The benefits for manufacturers are great as well as the single serve finished product doesn’t need refrigeration and removes the cost of shipping water from manufacturing to distribution to the store.

Our patented drying process allows us to deliver shelf-stable ingredients and mixes and functional ingredients — capturing the health and nutritional benefits of botanicals.

Snack & Seasonings

Our flavors can be combined into the perfect spicy seasoning packet or used to coat chips, nuts, confections, or soup mixes.

Healthy Creations

Bring us your idea for a healthy natural food, specific functionality, or market segment and we will work with you to bring it to reality.

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