Consumer habits have been migrating to a fresh "farm-to-table" experience for years.

Every morning around the world, top chefs strike out in the early hours for farmers markets, butcher shops, produce stands and fish markets to get the freshest ingredients for their daily specials.

Relationships with their vendors are formed over finding the best tasting ingredients that eventually become a chef’s signature dish.

Simply put, fresh tastes better.

We believe that fresh tasting ingredients are critical to consumer success and your prepared foods shouldn’t miss out on fresh flavors.

Our unique, patented drying process allows our clients to deliver clean-label, fresh taste.  

We use a low-heat, minimally invasive process that provides a shelf-stable finished product that reflects the plant it is derived from.

Lemon is labeled as lemon puree, juice, and oil on your finished label and rather than taste “candied” or synthetic, Verifolia delivers a taste that you wouldn’t believe isn’t fresh.

Request a sample today to taste for yourself!